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Transforming your body can take time but with dedication, the right training, good nutrition and enough rest, you can achieve the body you want.

Here are a few tips to take note of when it comes to muscle-building:

1. Choose the right exercises

There are so many methods and exercises that you can use for muscle growth and there isn’t a one way that works well for everyone, especially when we’re all at different stages of our fitness journey. There are some basic principles that have worked not just for me but for others I’ve trained with.

One of these methods is doing muscle resistance training and utilising multi-joint movements such as deadlift, bench press, and squats to target larger muscles.

When lifting, you don’t want weights that are too light or too heavy as it could negatively impact your training. Choose weights that you can move easily about 7 times then struggle at the 8th or 9th time. Focus on good form and nice and controlled movements.

Over time you should challenge your muscles to trigger growth but increase the weight responsibly.

Schedule your body-part splits so you target specific muscle groups. You can dedicate two days of your workout week to building strength and another two days to growing muscle.

A sample schedule:
MONDAY: Exercises like the bench press to work your triceps and upper body muscles
TUESDAY: Exercises like squats & deadlifts to work your lower body muscles
WEDNESDAY: Rest and Recovery
THURSDAY: Exercises like pull ups for back muscles
FRIDAY: Exercises like dumbell curls for shoulders and biceps
SATURDAY: Rest and Recovery
SUNDAY: Rest and Recovery

For a tailored gain program, get in touch and book a consultation for one-on-one personal training.

2. Watch your food intake

Many people struggle with nutrition and getting enough protein and carbs to help build muscle can be a challenge.

Muscles break down when you’re training so it’s important to have a sufficient amount of protein to promote muscle growth and aid your recovery. The rule of thumb for a sufficient amount of protein per day is about 1 gram of protein per kilogram of your bodyweight.

Protein supplements aren’t necessary but can be added to your diet, if you’re not eating enough lean protein (such as skinless chicken breast, lean red meat, beans and eggs).

You also need to eat sufficient carbs. Carbs are the body’s primary source of energy, so they’ll help you fuel your workouts and avoid muscle loss (catabolism). A common mistake that inexperienced lifters make is trying to eat a low carb diet, do not skimp on the carbs- they should be a main source of your total daily calories whilst trying to build muscle.

Avoid having processed foods and make sure you drink plenty of water- you’ll have better performance & recovery the more hydrated you are.

3. Remember to rest & recover

Get a lot of sleep and rest. Muscles grow they’re resting and during sleep- so get a lot of sleep and rest. When you keep pushing your body with the rest it requires you can end up slowing down your muscle-building progress and efforts and can increase your chances of injury.

I would suggest giving yourself at least 48 hours rest before working the same muscle group again.

Beginners need more rest and shouldn’t go as hard as experienced lifters. Take your time and do it right.

4. Be consistent

As with any program or fitness goal, consistency is key!

Gaining muscle takes dedication, even when you’re not lifting, you still have to keep eating clean and smart as well as getting rest and sleep. Muscle mass doesn’t happen overnight and it’s important to be remember to be patient whilst being committed.

Set your goal, stay motivated and let the gainz continue…

If you’re finding it hard going it alone, get in touch and find out how I can help you with your gainz.

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